Living my own pink life

My flamingo is cooler than yours.

Hi, I’m Luna and I’m a pink addict. You could say I’m your basic girly girl with everything being pink. Going from my outfits to some of my favorite foods. Even some of my teachers used to call me Barbie. Thanks to my pink Uggs.

No, I don’t drive a pink car and no, I don’t dye my favorite pets pink. Although, it does sound like a great idea, no?  Just kidding!

My closet is the perfect mixture of basics and my own personal style. I don’t always need to wear all these carefully picked outfits to be true to my style. Sometimes, on a cold winter day, I’m fine with just throwing on a basic cashmere sweater and a pair of jeans.

 I used to own these awesome (if I do say so myself) pants filled with pictures of New York, but because I got a lot of remarks on them I stopped wearing them.

Who knows, maybe they truly were hideous and unfashionable, but by now, I know that it’s stupid to stop wearing something you like, just because others dislike it. So, if I wish to dye my hair blue and wear a flamingo watering can as an accessory then I will.

If your friends, family or even your boyfriend (for example mine) doesn’t like it, you should just keep on wearing your own fabulous clothes. Let them have their opinions, but solely listen to yours when theirs don’t seem right to you.

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons, ladies!




Destination: Leuven

So, Tuesday was Valentine’s Day and what better way to spend it than to have a little citytrip with your mum. After all, a mother-daughter love is unconditional, right?

A few months ago we decided to do these little citytrips once in a while to discover new towns and such. We always try to go to London once a year, but it was time to shine some light on other cities as well. Closer by too!

This Tuesday we picked out Leuven (Louvain). Main reason: my mum wanted to eat these “Haute Dogs” again from Jeroen Meus. She tried them for the first time at Rock Werchter Classic last year. My mum went for the “Bellucci” and I went for the “Dog Monsieur”. You can find the menu here.

I’m a big fan of cheese so, containing cheese, the “Dog Monsieur” was an obvious choice. I do however was a bit disappointed by the amount of cheese. I didn’t taste it with every bite so adding some more cheese to it would have made it even better for me. The mustard was quite strong, but I still finished the bun with teary eyes and fully satisfied. My mum liked hers too.

If you walk around in the city, you stumble upon some beautiful buildings such as churches, the City Hall and many others.

If you’re going for the stores, like us, you won’t be disappointed. They even have an Essentiel Outlet Store! I scored some awesome sales at Supertrash and Zara as well. How do you like this silver jacket from Zara? Only for 26 €. Pictures of my new additions to my wardrobe will be on my Instagram soon.

Make sure to visit these streets for a great shopping experience:

  • Diestsestraat
  • Bondgenotenlaan
  • Brusselsestraat
  • Tiensestraat

So, getting to check off Leuven from my list, where should I go next? Any suggestions?