Just Luna

blogster & student Cross Media Management

Even though I can’t wait to show you all my exciting experiences, let’s have a proper introduction first.

Hi, I’m Luna and I’m a 21 y/o Belgian girl, based in Antwerp.

My friends mostly call me Lulu and since I hope we’re going to get along just fine, feel free to call me Lulu as well.

So let’s see, what do you need to know about me?

For one, I am a highly enthousiastic person about basically everything:

Food, horses, dogs, clothes… you name it, I love it! Although I have to admit I’m more of an animal person than a people person, but that will be our little secret, okay?

The reason I’m writing in English is simply because it flows more fluently out of my fingers and I mostly text or talk in English as well. Case of born in the wrong place, I guess?

Next to spending my days in school I’m busy with online shopping, taking care of my horse, reading books and looking for fun trips to make.

I can’t quite put a subject on my blog yet, but who knows maybe in time I will.

Anyway, look at me going on and on. I won’t keep you no longer, so go on! Go read and do let me know how you like it, okay?





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