Swatched it: Better together ultimate eye collection

Hi, everyone!

I finally found the palette! Yay!

So, a few months ago I saw this palette appear on Instagram and I searched the web to buy it. The eyeshadow palette is a collab between Kat Von D and Too Faced. Unfortunately Too Faced doesn’t ship to Europe and the palette was sold out online on Sephora as well. With my sister being in Milan, I asked her to go look at the local Sephora for the palette, but no luck with that either.

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went on our very first trip together to Valencia. The trip was really great, but that’s another story.

When we booked our trip to Valencia, the first thing I did was look up if there were any Sephora’s nearby. Bingo!

Fingers crossed, I walked into the store and yes there it was! The palettes were even covered in dust, so they weren’t that popular there, I guess.

Now with the exams being over (I passed! Yay!) I had time to try out my new shades. I  searched for some tutorials on YouTube and found a bunch of Kat Von D for Sephora.

I tried to do some swatches as well. My very first ones, so it’s not perfect yet.

First, we have the Kat Von D side. From left to right: Yours, Darling, Por vida, Devotion, Swoon & Lovestruck. My favorite shade of this side is Darling.


Second, we have the Too Faced side. From left to right: BFF, Lovely, Friendspiration, Heart of gold, Power couple & Better together. This side is very glittery and I love it!


I tried out this tutorial from Sephora, but I still need a lot of practice with my winged eyeliner. Any tricks, tips or even your own tutorials are more than welcome! Share them below this post and I’ll make sure to try them out.






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