Sweater weather 

Hi, guys! First of all, I am so sorry for slacking, but I’m fully back on track!

Have you seen the Belgian weather lately? It’s just depressing watching the rain pour day after day. Especially if you have classes like me to attend and need to drive and walk through that rain. How I keep myself happy? Simple! I put on a nice and cosy sweater and I feel instantly better. Honestly, is there something that clothes can’t fix?

I admit, I might have overdone it with all the sweaters since my closet is filled to the max. Still, everytime I see another great sweater I think to myself: there’s still room for one more (trust me there isn’t). I don’t even wear all the sweaters regulary because I have a few favourites and if they aren’t in the washing machine, they’re on me.

Let me give you a little sneak peak in my closet at my all time favourite sweaters.

IMG_5183.JPGFirst, we have my “New York is my boyfriend” sweat from ‘Colourful Rebel‘. How gorgeous is that colour?

img_5180Next, we have this pretty one. I got this one for my birthday from my mum. Another ‘Colourful Rebel‘ sweat, because I do love my unicorns and to kick ass.

IMG_5178.JPGTalking unicorns, what do you think of this funny one? I got this one at ‘Primark‘, for only £ 10.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetLast, but not least we have my ‘Sincerely Jules‘ sweater. After all, we all could use some motivational quotes on rainy days, right?

On my wishlist for this year is this pretty one from ‘Colourful Rebel’. Who needs boys anyways when you have a cozy sweater to hug you throughout the day?