My two hours of Bieber Fever

So last night next to a pretty decent cold I had a case of severe Bieber Fever. We went to see the Purpose Tour of Justin himself, my second favourite JB (let’s not forget Jack Barakat). He started 15 minutes late, but hey that’s practically on time, right? I’ve waited much longer for other concerts (I’m looking at you, Miley).

As soon as the show started I wished I brought ear plugs, because there were a lot of screaming girls. Then again, it is Justin Bieber. Starting with Mark My Words and ending with Sorry, those two hours were over in no time. He made quite the show with a moving stage and all those lighteffects.

His dance act was more than okay and his singing skills were on point, although he playbacked a lot as well. He made it up though with his accoustic versions of Love Yourself and Fast Car from Tracy Chapman.

Behaving like a true Believer that night, I wore my Justin Bieber shirt from Eleven Paris and sang along for two hours straight. In short he lived up to my expectations. I’m already looking forward to my next concert, which is Shawn Mendes! Iep!

PS: Can you guess the song on the picture?

Now I’m going to lay myself back on the couch with a blanket and some tea and sit out this cold. Bye bye!






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