My very first fashionshow

So last night was the big release party of Teacups and Dresses by An-Katrien. Together with eleven amazing girls, we got to show off the new collection and it was TO-TA-LLY AWESOME!

Getting my hair and make-up done was a really fun experience. I could sit back for hours and enjoy, but we had work to do. I absolutly looooved my hair! They made all kinds of pretty braids in our hair.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I got to wear the  black HOTTEA sweater with blue fur. It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die! (you know what I mean). Funfact: we all got to choose an item of the newest collection and it’s not very hard to guess what I chose, right? The sweater ofcourse! Go check out the new collection at Teacups and Dresses and pre-order now.

So how did I end up there? Well about a good month ago, they made an announcement, saying they were looking for models for the launch of the new collection. I signed up for it and a while later I got an e-mail: I was invited for the casting. Woohoow!

I was dead nervous, but still I managed to go, with a bit (read: a lot) of encouragement. At the casting there were cameras, which didn’t exactly help with the nerves, but in I went and did the best I could.

A while later I got another mail: I was chosen! (I’m the chosen one and stuff) Yay! I was so happy and obviously thanked my mum for making me walk in there on the day of the casting.

D-day arrived. We rehearsed our dance act the entire day and when it was time to perform we all nailed it. The audience was cheering for us and it was the greatest feeling ever. It was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again any time soon.

So by ignoring my ever growing anxiety, I had this amazing night and met these lovely girls, whom I hope to see again someday.

So if something scares you, just go for it! The feeling of accomplishment afterwards makes it a thousand times better. Just remember my favourite quote from the movie We Bought a Zoo: “Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage”.

More pictures can be found on my instagram, as well as the other girls instagram (I tagged some in my pictures as well).






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