Disneyland Paris 101

Hi guys

First of all, I am so sorry for posting this two days late! I was really busy with school starting again and I’m still getting into this whole blogging life, so forgive me for that.

Now back to Disneyland…

Like I said in my previous post, we booked our trip about 3 months ahead. We booked via Jetair (Tui).
Bonus: you get a discount at the restaurant Planet Hollywood at Disney Village.

Our tickets were booked. Time to start planning! I’ll give you some helpful tips for that.

  1. Download the Disneyland app of the park. It’s a handy map of the entire area which displays the waiting times of all the attractions. Next to that, you get information about the attractions, the restaurants, shows and all of that. It’s really handy to book a table at your favourite restaurant with the app. Just with the push of a button you’re good to go!
  2. Check the website for a list of all the attractions. Make sure to check which attractions are currently closed (Big Thunder Mountain will be closed for a while “sad face”).
  3. On the website you can download the program book of both of the parks. It shows which characters you can meet and where they are and which shows are playing at what hour.
  4. Brush up your French, because most of the attractions are in French. Don’t worry, English is covered as well.
  5. Start your countdown and get excited already because you’re going to Disneyland! Yay!

Ooh, and for the people living in Antwerp like me. If you want to take the earliest train in Brussels, keep in mind that there’s no connection yet at that hour coming from Antwerp. My dad drove us all the way to Brussels in the early hours so we could catch our train there.

And one last thing! Make sure you stay in the park until closing time, which is at 9 pm, so you can watch the most beautiful light show located at the front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. It’s worth it, believe me! The show even made my boyfriend go all mellow.

Any of you ever went to Disneyland Paris already? I would love to hear about it, so don’t hesitate to leave a message, okay?




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