Disneyland Paris

So a week ago, on the 6th of september, me and my boyfriend took the first train to Disneyland Paris. We booked our two days trip about 4 months ago, so it’s safe to say we were pretty excited when the moment was finally there.

I live in Antwerp and we had to take the train in Brussels, which resulted in me getting up at 4 in the morning to get ready while my boyfriend happily dozed off again. Ugh!

You should know, I’m not quite a morning person. Not that I’m considering 4 am as morning. I only get up out of bed that early for vacations or really fun stuff. Otherwise I kindly suggest you leave me be.

The last time any of us went to Disney was when we were 12 years old. Coming back there, walking down Main Street made me feel like a child again. I felt the need to dance and bounce around, which I did. Obviously!

We had amazing weather and we didn’t even have to get in line that much. Bonus points! The first day we did the Disneyland Park and the second day we did the Studios Park. Let’s not forget the shops either!

On the first day we got technical issues in an attraction called Phantom Manor. It’s like this scary Manor and I’m not really ghost prove. So the whole event resulted in me almost curling up in my boyfriends lap, pretty scared. We did get a nice selfie out of it though (check my Twitter). After about 10 minutes the staff freed everyone out of their carts and we were out in the open again.

The whole thing made me miss meeting Alice that day, but hey at least we weren’t stuck in a rollercoaster, right?

I’m pretty sad about not seeing all the princesses, but it was an average wait of 200 minutes! I did see Belle running through the castle though so that’s something.

So after those two days, do we have our favourite attractions? Heck, yes we do!

My pick:

  1. Crush’s Coaster: the only attraction that even startled my boyfriend. Definitely worth the wait!
  2. Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast: battling against each other while riding through the galaxy
  3. Autopia: I mean I drove a pink car. Goals!

Want to know how I prepared for Disneyland? Read my next post this Sunday for tips, must do’s and all of that so you can enjoy your stay to the max.

If you want to see some pictures from our trip (or a lot) you can always check out my instagram: lunasmet and look up the pictures marked with #lulutakesonDisneyland.

My boyfriend also made an awesome little after movie from our trip which you can view on his Youtube channel: Kevin Verstraeten or through this link here.






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